Everyone likes a quiz question.

After the success / popularity of my last ‘guess the … of ‘ question, I’ve now got another.

It’s not for the squeamish, but it’s my blog, not anybody else’s.

So, for the £2 Poudland voucher, guess the weight ( estimated by the nurse ) of the amount of ‘ compacted stool’ ( that’s shit, by another name ) that has been removed from me, by him, over the last 3 days?

It’s good that I can’t get banned from writing whatever I like in my own blog, or I think it would soon come to that.

Answers by Facebook, whatsapp, email, text or blog comments all considered, but not Twitter ( there has to be some limit )

Deadline is midday, on Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Everyone likes a quiz question.

  1. How many times can we get away with the ‘you’re full of it’ jokes? 😀
    I reckon it’s got to be a kilo at least each time, so… 5kg?

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