Again ( as usual ) my spasms started with a vengeance at about 8pm and just kept going all night.

I did sleep for 5 hours, eventually propping myself up so I was in a sitting position in bed. That seemed to work – or at least I fell asleep. It’s not enough sleep though, not for me now.

We watched Everest last night – downloaded the film – I half watched it, as I was distracted by my legs. In 2000 Dan summited Everest – on an Army expedition – one of only 2 soldiers to get to the top on that attempt. As it happened, I was myself I’m the Himalayas doing a race called the Raid Gauloises, and I could see Everest from the Tibetan Plateau. I remember talking to him and wishing him luck ( a conversation in my head only ).

At the time the stats were very off putting – for every climber that actually made it to the top, 1 in 6 of those that did then died on the way down. For me, those odds were too short to contemplate trying it.

2 thoughts on “Everest

  1. HI OUR Russ,hope your enjoying and yr not to cold it’s bloody ice cold and snowy in Pontypool.On the 6pm news Russ big break through on severed spine injuries .Tap into Russ .Spine injuries break through Poland.All details there ,said they are looking for to people that might be good for this .Never know Russ you could well be that special person as you are to us.Get on the case our Russ you got all the brains,love you lots .Aunty Gillxx

  2. I Think you and Dani are amazing, Russell I can,t believe you are skiing and how much you go through and yet still have the will to try everything, thats so brilliant. I admire you both so much. I wished we’d talked more at Hywells party, you were just leaving as we were introduced and we were too late to chat. I have wanted to comment so many times but I don’t do Facebook etc. We have emailed Alwyn as I know he’s had a rough time recently. Any way, I’m sure you pick up on any news to help Russell but watch the news tonight seems there is a major break through with paralysis and they are looking for 2 candidates. Hope we get to meet you some time.xxx

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