Do the math ?!

The District Nurse comes every second day to do my ‘ bowel care ‘. She came yesterday, Monday.

There are quite a few DN’s in the local team. Berniece told me that this week most of them were on holiday, so they’d not be able to visit on Wednesday, or Thursday either, so it would be Friday.  A look of fear crossed my face and I said that that meant I was going 4 days ‘ without going ‘.

This particular DN is ‘ tricky’, let’s say, in most conversations.  I said that’ll mean that I go 4 days without the necessary attention. She said ‘ no, we’re only missing out 1 visit, so it’s only 2 days ‘.

I tried several times to convince her that i was being left for 4 days, rather than 2, but she wouldn’t have it.

I’ve realised that arguing with Berniece isn’t effective, so I’ll resort to other tactics instead, to ensure that I’m ok.

It would be funny, if it was about something else ?



1 thought on “Do the math ?!

  1. I’m speechless Russ. Surely they can’t do that. They have a duty of care and leaving you for 4 days is not care in fact I would call it abuse. Do they know the risks of leaving a high level SCI patient with impacted bowel ie autonomic dyslexia. That treatment or lack of needs reporting. It is there responsibility to ensure their staffing levels are adequate to provide care. Whoever allowed the holidays should be reported. Alternatively, they should use Agency staff to cover.
    From reading your blogs and our message chats I’m certain your won’t let this matter rest. You sound a feisty bugger like me. Good luck and I sincerely hope you are coping.

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