Distraction is the key to my survival.

So what does a guy in a wheelchair do?

He goes to the Royal Geographical Society – last night was a talk – Brexit – the reasons and consequences. Good!

Before that, the Science Museum.

Before that the gym.

Recently, searching for a carer – online and through advertising.

I went to the Shard on Friday – go at 5 and watch London light up over  the next 2 hours, and drink wine….?

Invite your best friends around and thrash them at Bananagrams.

Go and help in a local school – kids are sooo entertaining!

Do your groceries online…

Provide paddling technique lessons to your mates.

Go to the theatre.

Go to the iMax and see amazing stuff in 3D.

Go to gigs – your companion goes free, as your helper.

Go to tonight’s debate on the West London Cycle SuperHighway, and say something provocative to get someone going…

Go to endless hospital appointments to do with catheters and skin cancer, and X Rays.

Read letters from your lawyer.

Meet up with a Mum whose son is in a wheelchair and needs advice.

Go and watch the local Amateur Dram plays – because actually they’re very good !

Buy fake tattoo sleeves online and wear them somewhere posh, so people look at you sniffily ( and then see their faces as you peel them off – then they smile! )

Go to the gym and do what you can, not to get fat, as that would only add to your multitude of problems…

And that’s it, really.

Oh, and chat online to usually dull females who are far too easily offended, but very occasionally find one that’s a real laugh…  and then after a bit mention the wheelchair, and see what happens next – interesting !


9 thoughts on “Distraction is the key to my survival.

    1. You, Lisa, are never dull or boring.
      I think the Welsh are a lot funnier than the other nationalities though, as a rule.
      It’s our cross to bear, that one …

  1. Any form of exercise is a cheap form of psychology and well worth the work out. As for the dull female how do you k ow you are not the dull one….. if it was meant to be it will be

    1. Not all females are dull, obviously, Sandy.
      I’ve not to my knowledge ever been described as dull, but I shall admit that I’m obviously not every woman’s dream!

          1. I do not have a blog….. may need direction with that….. enlighten you!!!! Ever so posh….. what would you like to know!!!

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