Diary post.

Thanks Lissy for posting the pics.
More interesting than my musings, I’m sure.

I would like tho to say thank you to an old friend, Phil Keith Roach for his gift but more for what he said in his card to me.
Thanks Phil.

My brothers have been. And gone. Great to see them. I worked out its the first time since 1993 that its just been the 3 of us in the same room talking bollocks. . We def need to do it more often, the chemistry is great ( even in the circumstances. )

Loved all the books and gifts I’ve received. Gotta try to find some time to actually start reading one now. How do I choose which ? They’re all good!

Ok it’s late now so should sign off. Dani and girls safely back in Portugal. Lucky things.
I’ll get on with getting stronger and gaining weight, as I’m the same size now as when I was 14.
For me, not what I wanted!

Had a massage earlier. God, it helped release my shoulders. Another one tomorrow should sort my tension out significantly.

On that optimistic note, goodnight to all those reading this.


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