I’ve not really written anything about treatment / research / cures in this diary.

Partly it’s because I decided that living this life, obsessed by an unlikely hope of being cured wasn’t the way forward.

However…. I’ve now, I think, got the chance to go to Louiseville, Kentucky USA, for an assessment, with a view to maybe finding myself deemed suitable for a further trial.

The medical team there are arguably,  at the forefront of the research that will one day lead to a cure for paralysis, the Holy Grail you could say ( well, to some of us, anyway, as well as world peace etc ).

Id be there for a week, and would be subjected ( very willingly! ) to a battery of tests to assess my viability and suitability as a guinea pig, so to speak.

Ive no idea yet as to the costs involved, but the amazing actions of so many people who have boxed/cycled/swum/run/kayaked/danced/younameit

for me, has resulted in a pot of money that could be used for this purpose… It really properly getting me ‘back on track’… To walking again?

That outcome seems barely possible/ too great a leap to comprehend to me, as I sit here ( on the loo ) feeling absolutely nothing below my tummy button, with no function at all of 50% of me.

If I could regain a little/something/ some sensation/control/voluntary movement then every single percent would be celebrated.

As I shall be homeless as of October 3rd – we have to move out that date – then going to America in October would work too in that respect, giving me somewhere to stay!

I’ll need someone to come with me to help me, so that’s gotta be sorted out, and up to the date I go I’ve gotta be as healthy as possible too, and try not to suffer any more almost terminal accidents. .

At the moment, with my recent track record, that’s the biggest bloody challenge!


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