Dec 22nd.

A few weeks ago I ordered  the electric bicycle attachment that goes onto my wheelchair.

Its the one in the video I posted, with the dog.

The dog is an optional extra, which I declined.

My buddy, Dickon Stainer, has gone to Farnborough to have it fitted for me, and will return with it shortly.

Big thanks to Dickon!

The thing goes up to 30mph, which is a pretty mental speed. There are slower modes, thankfully, with the pavement setting limited to 4mph.

I’m going to a Masquerade Ball tonight – the office Xmas party. It’s at Mercedes World in Woking. As they have a test track there, I may take it out on the skid pan after a few vodkas.

What’s the worst that can happen?

My big brother has had his ski damaged eye operated on yesterday, and is now at home. Fingers crossed that it’s gone well, or as well as can have been expected. As he likes wearing an eye patch, I think he might just keep wearing it anyway, just for the look.

Great to see Craig today, who lost his leg after a verbal argument with an idiot driver, whilst innocuously parking his car about 3 years ago, his car rolling into him and crushing him.

Craig and I talked about happiness post trauma.

Its not an easy state to find, but I have proven that it is certainly possible!

Lovely to spend time with Roy, Debs, Dani, my girls, and Nick and Sophie ( the tangerine stealers of Chiswick )?

Deprived of my 2 normal chairs today, I’m currently stranded in the flat, hoping that eventually someone will come back!

But I’m cool.

I’ll tell you who else is ice cool – my mate Chris Myatt on his lawnmower tractor! Think Mad Max in Weston Super Mare, and you’ll be close.




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