Day 4

Not for the first time, I have managed to injure myself internally inserting a catheter.

I can tell when after fully pushing one in, I get no release of urine. Rather, on pulling it out I get a lot of blood on the catheter.
What I’ve done is to push sufficiently hard to push through internal tissue and create a hole inside me somewhere that shouldn’t be there.
I guess this potentially also leads to infection possibly ( or probably ) as well as even more spasming.

On a lighter note, my skiing today was a lot better.
I watched myself on video ( Rob wearing my GoPro ) and realised that what I thought I was doing ( technique wise ) wasn’t actually the reality. That enabled me to change my style today which gave me a shit load more control. Well, that and some new snow.

Tomorrow, whilst leaving a bloody trail behind me, I may go even better?

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