Day 3.

It rained so hard on the morning of Day 3 that I made a decision in the interests of the safety of my Friends ( rather than my own, to be honest ) that we couldn’t ride as a group of 4 bikes, in the rain and the spray of packed A roads without the risk of crashing.
Four guys taken out by a lorry, in one crash, wasn’t worth the risk.

Obviously, ten minutes after the rest rode off, the rain stopped altogether ( contrary to the forecast ).

I got helped into Kev’s van and had a spell hurling abuse out of the window at the other 11 at various points on the route.
Thanks to Toby for spraying me with water as he rode past…

We met after 50 miles and had a crepe and beer lunch, followed by me, at 2.30, getting on/into my arm bike for the second half.

Obviously it started to pour with rain ( contrary to the forecast … ) and kept raining for the next 6 hours.

55 miles later we got to La Baule, which has to have the world’s longest hotel seafront ( literally about 7 miles long ).

Shower/ complicated toilet routine and shave, then out for dinner and celebratory drinks with the lads, to end the trip.

Brief period slightly fascinated by a french porn movie ( Dan’s choice of channel ) then asleep by 1 am, and now in taxi at 8.20 feeling once more jaded.

Train back to London leaves shortly.
You get free wine on the train, but I’m not planning on having any, as it’s not exactly been a dry trip…

4 thoughts on “Day 3.

  1. Congratulations on all you’ve achieved in coming full-circle in France, Russ. It sounds like a huge trip for every reason under the sun.
    I haven’t forgotten that I owe you a bottle of wine for getting off the bunny hill on skis, by the way.

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