Day 2.

My spasms have reached a whole new level – now it’s proving largely impossible to get my legs to go straight – it’s like someone’s pulling invisible elastic tied round my knees, really hard, every few seconds.

It’s Day 2 of the bike ride that I can’t ride, where I’ve at least found a role as the support van navigator – using various Apps to track where we are, as well as track where the riders are.
Pistol Pete is driving and I’m in the other seat.
As the seat is 5 feet up from the ground, it’s a 3 man effort to get me in and out of the van, but it is achievable.

Psychologically it’s hard to watch them all ride, when I cannot, but it’s good to see them all again, en masse.

It’s T-3 today – 3 days til 3 years. Pete was saying that he still gets flashbacks to me lying in the road that day.

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  1. Russ, sorry to hear you are suffering so much, especially when you should be, and deserve to be, enjoying being with a great group of friends. We are all hoping your upcoming operation will provide some relief to this never ending torment. A

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