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Dear Russell,

Thank you very much for your inquiry regarding doing the London marathon in your Mountain Trike.

Unfortunately it will not be possible for you to take part in your mountain trike. Our events are run under IAAF, UKA and IPC Marathon rules, which prevent the use of mechanical devices that incorporate gears and chains.

Your mountain trike comes under UCI rules and IPC cycle rules.


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From: Russell Dawkins [rdawkins2@icloud.com]
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To: Helpdesk
Subject: Disabled entry.

Hi there,

I was paralysed 2 years ago, and now a wheelchair user.

I’d like to do the London Marathon in a chair ( I ran it twice before my injury ) and both times for charity.

My problem is this- my left hand is also injured permanently, making pushing a regular wheelchair impossible for 26 miles.

I do however have another chair – called a Mountain Trike – that I can propel along.
I enclose a picture. It’s a bit longer than a normal chair, but nowhere near as long as a racing wheelchair.

The fastest I can go in it is 5mph, so it’ll put me in the 5 hour category, at best.

I would need another entry for a helper, so that I can get help with ‘ toilet’ necessities.

Can you help with this query?


Russ Dawkins.

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Michelle Weltman | Wheelchair/Disability Coordinator
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Marathon House | 115 Southwark Street | London | SE1 0JF

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