I went to the West End last night, to a play.

Ooh, there’s middle class of me. …

Victorian theatres were certainly not designed with wheelchairs and SCI in mind.  For a start, you really can’t put a wheelchair on a slope… Why’s that? Cos of the bloody wheels…. they are designed to go round and take the object on top of them down the gradient upon which they are placed.

For second, if the occupant of the chair has no core muscles, then he / she is always on the verge of falling out of the chair. It’s not like I can stick out my bloody legs to stop me, is it?

For a third, once in situ and with the brakes on, no one else can get past me. If I take the brakes off to try to move, then I fly down the slope and smash into the first object I meet….

For a fourth, please put the bloke in charge of the poor wheelies through some kind of training course so that he has the first clue about anything at all, rather than just being completely indifferent and hopeless in every way.

The play itself was great. All intellectual, for sure, but good. To start with i found the laughing out loud by a few people at ‘ jokes’ that just weren’t ever worth an audible outburst a bit annoying / confusing.. was I the only person in there who didn’t get that it was funny, I thought ? For some Out Loud Guffawers I think it’s definitely just an intellectual show off thing, but actually having got the gist, it was funny. It might have helped if I’d read the plot before going though, to give me some historical insight into James Joyce, the Dada movement, Lenin’s time in Zurich etc. Well… we didn’t do any of that in my school in Wales  ( for our sins )

Thanks to my online date for taking me – I owe you one. You may get Two Pints of Lager and a packet of Crisps as the return favour, but hey.

Picadilly Circus in the evening, with NOBODY looking where they’re going ( how can you, at the same time as looking at your Selfie Stick ) in a wheelchair is really not to be recommended. As a nerve calmer, it was shite, but as with all things post injury I just ultimately have to suck it up and get over myself.. and smile.


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