D Day

Sleep was ok in the end, but spasms are relentless today.  My conviction that they are mostly intestine/ bowel related is deeper than ever. I’m sure I was a stomachache that I can’t feel, so I spasm a lot instead.

Why can’t I just have the benefit of not feeling anything?!

Anyway, that’s how it is.

Got a large white envelope today. So often they are junk mail, but this one was a divorce petition.

It made interest reading, I must say.

I’ll neither be crying into my drink, nor celebrating with several, as alcohol and diarrhoea tendencies don’t go well together.

I do think that the Shits have passed, but I shan’t take any chances there, and not for at least a couple of days.

Lily studying hard, Amber on party weekend, soon to be ex wife in Snowdonia ( be careful up there, if you’re reading! ) so  I’ll find something to do, and take wet wipes with me.

And I’ll keep smiling.

2 thoughts on “D Day

  1. Your Blog was recommended by a friend and I have read, as suggested, from the very beginning over several nights, often into the early hours.

    What a complete nightmare for anyone !! 3 people a day find themselves in your situation, but you who clearly relished pushing your body in a physical sense every day, who was a legend in his own lifetime, a high achiever in every sense. The life and soul of any and many social occasions (mostly it seemed half dressed !!), you must have thought and did, how do I go on from here ? What positives can there possibly be, to live this life of restricted mobility.

    Your journey has been emotional for you and the reader. The trials and setbacks, of which there were numerous. The surgeries and consequential recoveries. The difficulties of a body not co-operating or functioning as it did before.

    Yet within the recounting, there were moments of sheer hilarity, a sense of humour mostly retained, a wicked and irreverent view of life, despite some very bleak moments, when you could have been forgiven for giving up.

    Your sheer strength of will, determination and joie de vivre, have pulled you through, with undoubtedly the love and support from some very special friends and family.

    Your triumphs made me want to punch the air, your indomitable spirit not quashed and your sense of adventure still preserved. May your future operations provide the freedom you crave. May it only ever now be onwards and upwards.

    Russell Dawkins I salute you !!


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