D Day

Today is the day that my daughters move out.

That’s not a good thing to think about. I hope I’ll see them fairly often… I’ve not seen them for the 8 days that I’ve been in hospital, but I have had lots of other very nice visitors to partially compensate.

So once I’m out of hospital, another phase of my topsy turvy life begins..

Its going to be strange, but so have lots of the other phases!

2 thoughts on “D Day

  1. They will always be your daughters, and once they have come to terms with the changes, I have no doubt you will sort out your relationship. Girls need their Dads. xxx

  2. Hard russ . But think ur girls at age where mum and dad aren’t really the priorty.. I have no doubt that this new next stage will bring new problems but knowing you … you will tackle head on .. so you for this mate .. you are good .. and just have to say you have more friends and a better social life than me and most people I know …… seriously .:. Seeing mark and kate in a few weeks as jan and I kidsand I back to Dublin. To see my folks for first time in 6 years and they flying over to catch up .. wish we could have put a stop in London but cost was exhorbitanr … so will have full on chiswick update form marky p . Jans old Besty .. so so wish we cud have been to chiswick coz u wud have been top of my list to see !!! So I could thank you for your blog and inspiration . xxxxx

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