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As Russ is starting to become a little more compis mentis over the next few days/weeks I thought it might be a good idea to start to record some other important events that have taken place in the last few days and the coming weeks.  Russ has basically been out of touch with the outside world now for over 3 weeks so hopefully he may find this useful to piece things together!  (Russ – I know you will laugh at this as I am the least current affairs orientated person in the family!…Perhaps I should just stick to the gossip or at worst the latest music?) 😀

Today has been a fantastically sunny day here in the UK and the whole country is working itself into a frenzy about tomorrow’s Wimbledon final with Murray v Djokovic.  Also very importantly in rugby Lions won the series in the final against Australia today.  Fingers crossed it will be a great day for British sport! 

Now for the followers;

News from my mum:

Dear all
Am writing this in the afternoon as Russ has been very alert this morning. The nurse told us that he had a good night and was better. He was trying to write things down for us but it was very difficult because of the position he is in. Stuart has been brilliant and so sensitive to Russ. We have devised a series of topics and also questions that Russ is asking. So far it has been successful. We understood he is missing Amber, wanting a drink and that his mouth and lips felt dry. This communication is good for Russ and much less frustrating.
He looks great and smiles quite a lot too.
All of us here feel very happy and privileged to be in his company. He is proving to be a real tough fighter.
More tomorrow
With love
Jenni x

Wonderful new, keep it going Russ! x

Until tomorrow…. xxxx

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