Court B

And finally (!) the long and drawn out divorce process has come to an end. The last bit was deciding on two relatively small matters, but the judge ruled in the most decent way…

It’s odd isn’t it that a former spouse can have any claim on any ( future hypothetical ) financial award from a lawsuit, where the ‘payout ‘ is for a disabling injury to me, that affects myself and my world, and not hers. That it’s even possible is morally wrong, and that someone could push for it is, to me, reprehensible. But the law allows it totally, or at least it allows for an attempt to benefit from it, by the able bodied spouse. Given any money would be to pay for assistance to carers, and disability equipment or property modifications, it’s surprising that an attempt to take it is allowed at all, but there you go.

If I’m ever back in Court as a follow on to this matter, I’ll be taking a few Welsh lads for protection. That would have been handy yesterday, I was surprised to discover. I’m a bit ( read a lot ) vulnerable in my wheelchair, not that able to physically defend myself. I wish Tasers were legal, as I’d definitely have one. Maybe I can start a campaign to allow their possession by the vulnerable. I could call it Tazers for Spazers.

After meeting up with my buddy Q ( no, not the one off James Bond ) I’ve now decided to keep bees. Not just the odd one I catch, but a whole hive full of my own ( not that you really ‘ own’ bees – they do their thing and you provide the premises ). I may have objections from busy body neighbours around my manor, but they will be strenuously resisted by moi. He explained that you join the local Bee Association and they mentor you in your early years of beekeeping. I’ll start next May, hopefully.

Obviously mine will be The Brentford Bees. 🐝 🐝 🐝

That was a football joke ..

3 thoughts on “Court B

  1. Congratulations on having it all over and done. I know it’s been hideous.

    I’m entertained by the idea of Mister Low Carb keeping bees and collecting honey. I’ve wanted to keep bees for a few years now, but I don’t think I have the space. I fancy one of these:

    Maybe you can train your bees to surround you and protect you if you are threatened, like a tiny, buzzy, stripy team of guard dogs. Nobody would mess with you then.

    1. Good Lord, that’s a bee 🐝 palace! I don’t think you need much room
      You don’t keep them indoors ( don’t know if you realised ..?).
      And you don’t have to nick their honey either! You can just keep them safe and let them eat their own food! Xx

      1. LOL – I couldn’t possibly have bees in my house, they would be eaten by my spiders! 😀
        No, my garden is small and I don’t think my neighbours would thank me for keeping a hive. My friend Shaun has several hives dotted around his friends’ farms out Usk way though. Smashing honey – lovely on crumpets. 😀

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