Cool in all things ..

In the pouring rain, Cherie and I visited possibly the most wheelchair unfriendly place in London tonight, to hear a speaker called Kenton Cool.

Yes, cool name ( derived from a deed poll change from Kuhle in the 40’s )  Kenton was a character in The Archers..?

Kenton has summited Everest no less than 12 times, as well as conquering many, many other peaks in his career as a mountain guide ( now based in Chamonix )  And he definitely is a cool guy.

In loads of pain, severely bloated through constipation, with consequent spasms, we got there, listened, spent 10 minutes talking to Mr C afterwards ( we adventurous types end up knowing the same people ) and then left.

Thanks to  Cherie, as always, and thanks to my social worker for today’s chat.

Also I’m chuffed to hear that my current wife has a boyfriend.

I truly wish her well with that. No hard feelings from me  🙂


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