And the winner is…
Wait for it…..

who ‘weighed in’ with a stone – old school for 14 pounds, and equal to 6.36 kilograms.

The actual total answer was 8kg = 17.6 pounds

That’s the same as two very healthy babies, or 3 standard ones, or regulation quadruplets.

The rest of you are just shit guessers…..

£2 Poundland Voucher on its’ way to you Margaret, once you supply your address…

Just after the midday deadline, they found another 2 pounds.
That’s 19 pounds and 7 ounces, in old money..

7 thoughts on “Congratulations.

  1. I will have to think long and hard what I am going to spend my £2 voucher on. I will let you know what I spend it on. Love to you. Love your blogs and admire you as well.

  2. I can’t believe I have won a £2 Poundland voucher. My address is *******************

    Noted and deleted by Russ, for M’s privacy.

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