Completing the circle.

Two years ago I came to France with 12 other cyclists and never made it to the end of the first day. Instead I broke my back and severed my spine and had a heart attack in surgery and broke 15 ribs and slipped into a coma.

Today I finished the ride and went out for a drink with those same great guys, who’d supported my ‘comeback’ unwaveringly and encouraged me through the 67 mile Day One ride.

This time I was lying down on using only my arms to propel myself. That’s a fair bit harder than using legs, take it from me.

Whilst I spoke openly about it not mattering whether I was capable of riding all the miles today, and there being no Shame in taking a lift in the support van with Kev, inside my head failure was never really an option.

After 3 hours  sleep my spasms are now keeping me awake. That’ll make the 140 km challenge tomorrow even more difficult, with rain forecast too.

No shame in getting a lift in the van with Kev, I tell myself…image image

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