Mate, your Cenotaph visit sounds a shocker. That sort of shit shouldn’t happen. The positive is that I feel we’re all improving – tho slowly (as a country / world).



And :

That is unbelievable, I am shocked at how both women were so rude, ignorant and selfish.
I am sorry to hear that Russ. X


I thought London was progressive? This is discrimination and absolutely shameful. The lady on the bus is one thing, but the others on the bus? The driver?? The police???. I have an idea- have your phone on video mode and ready. From now on- just record the events you face. It doesn’t take much to record the face of those discriminating and post it on social media. I am sure London Transport would be doing a full reversal of position. Would be an amazing demo to begin a documentary. An opportunity to demonstrate the problem and show the faces of discrimination. There is no excuse. None.


And :

A similar thing happened when we went to watch Thriller. It was a London princess, at that time, and she ended up getting off the bus.


And :

What a fucking bitch ! Next time take out your phone and record the bitch who refuses to move the pram and send it to the news desk ….

And :

IM SO ANGRY, I nearly cracked a tooth biting down so hard in anger! But so very proud you sat your ground! Bus bloody nightmare! Utterly disgusting.


OMG!! I cannot believe that this mother would not even move her buggy… She’s so lucky that I wasn’t on that bus, otherwise I would have said something to her. Can’t she read???
that “Wheelchairs users have priority – than the buggy”

Being kind to other people and treat others the way you want to be treated, with respect!!

Meaning: Treat others how you want to be treated. It doesn’t matter which Ethnic background you are from… Please lady “mother”show some respect!!

God bless you


Saddened and disgusted by this. And how dare she pull the racist card. A very low snipe.


Your blog
How awful for you . Some people are the pits .
London Transport will probably run a mile from any controversy that involves a black woman and a white man . The wheel chair issue is secondary !!

You will have fun tutoring children . What do you mean by ‘tutoring ‘ ? Privately or in schools ?

Love xx

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