I went out with Pia last night. She was telling me that this year she / they are having 3 Christmas Days. Obviously I said I thought that there’s just the one CD, and it’s on Dec 25th!

Well she definitely considered it otherwise – that one was for her side of the family, one was for her husband’s side, and one for for something that I can’t remember… but anyway, that’s it isn’t it! It’s but a notion, this Christmas Day nonsense.

Soooo, last night with Pia was Our Christmas night, the night before was my Christmas Day with Toby and Cress, tonight it’ll be Christmas Day with Jo, the day after I’ll get another one with my daughter, and after that I’ll make Roger the Lodger drink wine and we’ll have yet another one!

So suddenly, I’m bloody inundated with Christmas Days!

Go Pia ❤️

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