As they just aren’t available, I’ve taken my charger to a workshop locally. The engineer is by no means certain that the pins won’t snap when he tries to straighten them. I’m obviously crossing my fingers.  Thanks to Marky P for his contact details.

Also ive got in touch with Imperial College, London, via a friend that works there, to see if they can possibly engineer a replacement / repair.  Let’s face it, it MUST be possible – it’s just finding someone to do it, with the necessary tools and invention, and the will to help me. Alejandro in America can’t help me, he says they just aren’t available, and if I’m in luck could he have 5 copies for himself !

Lets see what happens then.

4 thoughts on “Charger.

  1. Hi Russ just a few questions re your damaged charger,
    1. have you managed to get it repaired yet?
    2. if not where in the country are you?
    3. also can you put up a photo of the damaged cable and the box it plugs into along with a rule to show relative sizes.

    If you are not that far away then I would be happy to repair it by fitting a new “better” type of plug and socket.
    I am disabled but I like to still keep my hand on my old work/hobbies, (I was in the army when I damaged my back but not as bad as yours is) things tend to take me a little longer to do but I can still manage most things I try in the past I have fitted plugs and sockets of these types hundreds of times, most of the plugs and sockets are available from RS components, try this page:-

    to see if they show the same one or one that is close.

    I hope either you have managed to repair the chair or you get it repaired soon.
    Regards Poppy Ann.

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