Chamonix to Nice.

So Dave Bee trekked his way from Chamonix to Nice – through the snow, the ice, the darkness, the awful blistering, the rain, the solitude, and for why? For some guy ( me) that he barely knew, but that as a man he could relate to, and feel a connection with.

He suffered on his trek, as I have suffered these last 9 months, not the same suffering,  but that might be hard to replicate ..

And he’s going to do the trip in reverse, soon, this time involving hang gliders. Christ Dave, are you for real?

Dave, you’ve raised a fair chunk of money along the way, it would seem from people youve met on the road , that you’ve touched with your personality and humility.

That Trek was a big ask, and took a big man to complete it.

Friends now now for life.


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