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On the BBC they have questions sent in by viewers about Corona ..A chap phoned in today to ask if he was particularly vulnerable to this virus because a bit ago he’d had a viral infection and only just recovered from it. At its peak he said that his CRP rate was 350. The doctor on the telly said that the CRP was a measure of inflammation inside the body, and that indicated that he must have been really ill, and that to be normal your CRP rate has to be under 10. He was told to be very careful not to contract it. 
About 15 years ago I went to Africa to do a canoe race. A week after I came back I started to feel unwell. My symptoms were fever ( felt really cold but had a high temperature ) and confusion.  I got myself to a hospital in Staines and said I thought I maybe had malaria. They tested me and said no, but I should go straight away to a specialist hospital – the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in London. 
I recall getting myself there, in a bit of a haze, with a thick coat on with the hood up, despite it being a hot and sunny day. I remember lying down in the waiting area ( because I just needed to… ) and then a lady asking if I had an appointment. I said I didn’t but thought I needed to see a doctor. Eventually I did, and they took some blood and then saw me again about an hour later. The doctor seemed surprised that I told him that yes, I felt wiped out, but that I had was alone and had got to the hospital by myself. He examined me and talked to me, asking questions about where I’d been ( Africa ) and why I’d been there. He looked sort of bemused and then told me that my CRP rate was over 950. I asked if that was high and he said yes, it should be under 10, adding that he couldn’t believe I was still able to function at all, implying I should be dead I think. He said that I should definitely be in hospital. I asked him what the point of that was, as in what treatment I’d get. He said that they’d just watch me, as there was nothing they could do, since they didn’t have a diagnosis of whatever strange virus I had.  I said that if they weren’t going to actually do anything then I may as well just go home and go to bed then? He laughed and said that that was my choice, but that he thought I ought stay. 
Not being exactly in rational at the time I said I’d go home, where I spent 3 days sweating in bed, then felt ok. The doctor did phone and check on me, and told me not to exert myself for quite a while. 
Two weeks later though I stepped in to partner up with a lady called Rox whose partner had pulled out of the DW canoe race ( 125 miles non stop in a kayak through the night,  in the bitter cold that year  ). During the race I made a mistake and fell in the icy river at 2 am, which didn’t exactly help me .. but anyway Rox and I came first in the mixed division… 
I’d forgotten until today that I’ve got previous with strange incurable viruses…. tho arguably I’ve surely used up my 9 lives already. …?!

Achtung! Logic strikes.

And the Germans are onto it, with their Teutonic logic. They are working out ( correctly ) that the number of deaths as a percentage of the whole population is tiny. They won’t be prepared for their economy to wither for the sake of losing the old and sick.
They’ll be the first Nation to resume business as usual and accept the casualties as unfortunate.
They have a bit of previous form when it comes to ‘ necessary deaths ‘.

As more people get it, it becomes people we know and love.

My Aunty sent this message yesterday.

Yes Russ been very poorly.  Doctor been ringing me every day, haven’t  been able to breath  couldnt get any oxygen  into my lungs, never been so frightened. Nothing any one can do other then take you to hospital  and put you on a vent. I really didn’t  want that if I could help it. My GP has given me a reassured talking to every day. which made me feel a little better. .Yesterday and today I can breathe much better thank god,still very little voice,been sat in the garden in the sun for 2hrs today, in the nice fresh mountain air Russ, so on the mend now .What about you Russ, you keep more than safe, you don’t need this.Thinking about you ,your mum rang yesterday , she was shocked. I think i know how I got the virus, probably  because  I‘ m an NHS worker.  I will have a test next week to see that I am clear hopefully  xxxxx

Pia’s lovely mum too has had it, and is recovering, thankfully too.

Stay at home folks.


Having ( wisely perhaps ) Pre empted the rush on hair clippers and hair cutting scissors by buying both, Wendy cut loose on my hair yesterday…. it’s not like I’m bothered by the outcome particularly ( well it grows back doesn’t it ?! ) but I did note how much she seemed to enjoy it! She was chuckling all the way through, and reckoned she has a knack.
Looks alright to me tho, actually. I see a Money saving trend here!

A while back I bought a hair laser at home device too, so no need for beauticians visits either ( even if they were available ) .. go us then! We may come out of this looking bloody gorgeous, you never know.

Or dead, obviously.


Jesus the questions being asked and read out on the BBC….

‘ should I drink a drink that someone has just sneezed on ?’

Errr. Well what would you normally do?? How often has this happened to you in your lifetime so far? Ffs..

Im going to phone in. ‘ Can I clean my teeth with the bog brush that has just cleaned the toilet in which someone who has had the virus has just had a dump in ?’

Business as…

Feeling a bit claustrophobic in the lockdown?

The thing is that I’m used to catastrophic lifestyle restrictions. 7 years now.

For me and those like me it’s not anything like the shock you are going thro. I’m used to this shite.

Perhaps now you get it ( a bit ) ?