Can’t ignore the signs.

Today my right leg wouldn’t stop spasming.

After about 2 hours I realised that my second toe was bent double inside my shoe.

Lesson learnt.

Toe looks pretty bent now.

11 thoughts on “Can’t ignore the signs.

  1. Those who always insisted that cure was impossible naturally gave Monique a hard time. And anyone suggesting alternatives. The Kentucky people have mildly challenged their view. As you and Monique share a great passion for cycling, seems natural that you would want her story, uncensored. But it’s your life, and will say no more. I sincerely hope you find a way through.

      1. What I have gleaned from press reports and YouTube about Monique is summarised in Chapter 13 (page 156) of ‘My Garden’ on my website. To me, she has that open Dutch honesty that I have so often experienced in my own work. Whether Monique would wish to be interviewed after all the hassle, I do not know. Obviously if your personal experience contradicts a great medical dogma, you must be wrong. My scientific argument is that, while the biochemistry of any part of the body is almost infinitely complex (we have about 60 trillion cells), the electrical physics may be comparatively simple, as in the spine. There is this basic medical hurdle: the biochemist works in molecules and cells, the physicist in electrical flow and frequency. You perhaps have an opportunity to move medical science on.

      2. Completing this morning’s comments, my one hope with the oscillator was to trigger a few spasms; and from which you could then follow the Monique path. That seemed much more promising than the Kentucky implant route. Switching yourself on like a robot is definitely not what you want. However, surrounded as you are by orthodox experts, it was unreasonable to think my ideas would have any priority. Now interestingly, after getting the spasms, you see them as a problem, not as a guide. Sad if you miss out on this.

        As for Monique suffering from ‘conversion disorder’, she had worse insults. But she’s strong, gutsy, competitive – just like you. You have much in common, and you surely need her experience.

      3. Can’t see how things could come right without spasms – the prelude to continuous nerve current. The Monique approach built on them; and although difficult through much falling, she was completely successful. We do not yet know whether the Kentucky approach will lead to full conscious control. I do hope you find the right path.

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