And today is my birthday

All birthday 🎁 s gratefully received obviously.

Lovely to have spent last night with some very close friends, Wendy. and my daughter, Lily. It’s been a mixed week, with good, like last night, and definitely not so good, like Thursday when a result in a Physics exam meant no Oxford University for Lily this year, at least.

Oxford are notorious for being absolutely adherent to their grade requirements, not bending a lot if any. When you are due to study English there, then ought your grade in Physics really be that relevant? Well I don’t make the rules so what I think isn’t going to influence them, but you’d think 2 A stars and a B ( her results ) is actually BETTER than the asked for 3 As ( not A stars ). But the rules is the rules, apparently, so it means a year not at school and a retake next year.

Having got her initial huge disappointment behind her, she’s now planning her year ahead. This will be her first year not at school, and the first year that she is no longer a child, and suddenly she’s seeing it as a year of opportunity that she hadn’t planned on having. Lots say that it’s better to start Uni with a year of self sufficiency behind you and you are more rounded for that, so like it or not that’s the new path.

I think she’ll have a great year, and the bonus for me is that she’ll be around for 12 more months. We have a lot of time to catch up on, so I am hoping very much to be able to do that.

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  1. She could come out to be a sleddog handler / guide in the arctic if she is up to the challenge. We have young folk from all over the world who come for a minimum of a month, but normally 3 and stay up to 5 years. Gap years are pretty common. It is pretty tough though…with her genes, not sure she would be up for it. Remember, I have seen you in action! 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Lily, on absolutely brilliant results. Oxford are idiots not to take you right now, but it’s their loss. Have a great year learning about life and no doubt you will get the required A when you resit.

  3. Dawky,

    In my experience, the study of English Literature & Physics at ‘A’ level is unprecedented. This demonstrates academic versatility and I’m amazed that the Admissions’ Tutor has failed to take this fully into account.

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