In the hour or so since my last post, my spasms have returned with a vengeance. Having not drunk that much water today, I think I can definitely relate them to my troublesome bladder, and just drank 5 pints of water. Having ‘ concentrated ‘ urine is definitely not a good tactic in my life, so I messed up today by not drinking the copious amounts that I normally do. I think my spasms and fever  yesterday were probably a UTI that I managed to largely flush out with litres and litres of water, but should have carried on with the Big Flush today.

Lesson learnt.

As it’s very well documented that UTI’s have a depressive effect on the ( usually ) elderly with Alzheimer’s, I reckon it’s fair to say that that ought be extrapolated to anyone who gets regular UTI’s.  When I had them for about a year, pretty much non stop, it definitely had coincided with a significantly depressive period for me. Looking back, I went from ‘ coping kind of ‘ to wishing I was dead all of the time. When the UTI’s diminished, looking back I definitely cheered up a  fair bit, a mindset improvement that has stayed with me ever since.

Having what is likely to be a UTI now, is definitely not good for my head, but at least knowing your adversary puts me in a more advantageous position.

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