Brother update.

Alwyn is currently under general anaesthetic in New York, having reconstruction to the floor of his left eye socket.

They are using a combination of titanium and plastic to hold his eye in the correct place for the rest of his life.

Whether this will lead to the  eventual restoration of single vision ( as opposed to double – or to use the correct term, diplopia ) as well as normal coordinated movement with the other eye, plus his losing the numbness in his cheek and forehead, remains to be seen.

I wish him all the luck in the world for a positive outcome.

4 thoughts on “Brother update.

  1. Hoping surgery went well yesterday thinking of you Alwyn, sending lots of love to you, Nadia and kids too. Cressida and Toby xxx

  2. Love you Russ – thank you for being there for me in my hours of need, on the day of Alwyn’s accident. I felt so much comfort knowing you were only a phonecall away to help me understand any ophthalmic jargon that was inevitably thrown my way.
    Love and appreciation your sis Nads.

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