Bring out the Gimp…

The festive season for me was this year hampered ( no pun intended ) by my allergies to both cats and dogs. How come everyone I know has pets, sometimes 2 or 3…?

My asthma starts and then I’m a Paralysed man who can’t breathe, talk properly, drink alcohol ( as that makes it worse ) and who can’t do any exercise ( which is the constant that keeps me sane ).

Glossing over that, though 3 days on and I’m still wheezing, it was good to spend a day with Stu and Mandy and my nephew, Ben. I didn’t see Sam, thé other one, who is now sporting a Game of Thrones wannabe long ( ginger ) beard – apparently. What is it with the whole beard thing ?

On topic with the kinkyfest that is Game of Thrones, I’m going with the ‘ concentrate on the things you CAN do post injury, not the things you CAN’T, and try new stuff ‘

So I am then – tonight I’m going to a Fetish party in central London – there’ll be 3000 other weirdos there, besides my hot date and I. Am i into being whipped and humiliated ? Well, no, actually, but that’s not a condition of entry. Your fetish can be whatever you like, but the dress code is very strict – ‘ wear something that you’d be arrested in if you wore it in public ‘  Ok then… my post injury frontal lobe lack of inhibition, added to my already easy going approach to nudity, and Hey Presto it’s going to be an eye opener. We’ll both have to cover up on the Tube journey there, obviously.

As photography is banned, for privacy purposes, I won’t be posting pictures of half the MP’s in Parliament, along with Hazza and Megs, tomorrow on this blog, but I’ll try to chat to Rolf and Cliff if I see them/ recognise them behind the gimp masks.

The whole Fetish scene ( says me, with ZERO experience ) is tied in with a ‘ gay S&M ‘ look, but I’m not anything other than heterosexual, as are probably most of the people there.

But if someone touches me ‘ inappropriately ‘ then I won’t feel it anyway, so I’m very relaxed about it all, especially if it’s a female….

Except it might be a ladyboy?!

Beats the usual NYE parties I’ve gone to recently, almost certainly… no offence intended.

AND as it’s tonight, we still have NYE to celebrate separately.

So… massive thanks to my Xmas date, to Stu and Mand, to Lisa Jones, and to everyone that messaged me, especially Ali, Kev Y, Toby and Chérie. If any guys are around Chiswick today that can help to change a bicycle tyre or 2, please message me, as I can’t do that stuff anymore, and Marky P ( my tyre changer-in-chief )  isn’t around today – he’s off drinking soda and lime heavily somewhere else..

4 thoughts on “Bring out the Gimp…

    1. Ha! No true fetishist would go anywhere without the Big 3…
      Cable ties
      Duck tape
      Cling film….

      Make that 4 – I’ll take the hose pipe

  1. Post-injury lack of inhibition, Russ ?! You were hardly a withdrawn introvert before !
    Spill the beans on the pervey party tomoz please.

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