Last night I got driven, by Dan, to the Park Club, to meet the fighters and watch them train and spar. 

I talked to all of them, mostly for the first time, and what a great bunch of girls and guys they are. 
They’ve signed up to be punched and punished physically for 10 weeks, essentially for me. 
What they will get in addition is possibly fitter than they’ve ever been, leaner, meaner, more confident in themselves and, well, quite famous around West London. 
I was also there to help with the eyesight part of their medical forms ( aided by my colleague, Irinder ), as this event is officially sanctioned by the Boxing powers that be. 
No one failed the eyesight/ health part, I’m happy to say. 
Once I’m discharged, I do hope to be a regular at training sessions – obviously not fighting. 
Extraordinarily , Dan told me that he’d seriously been asked if this boxing night was principally featuring a fight between him ………..
….and me?
I’m not at liberty to say who asked him or whether she was a female 
It was also bloody great to see my school buddy, Dominic ( last seen 30 yrs ago ) who’d driven down from South Wales to spend the evening with me. 
Aren’t people incredible?

5 thoughts on “Boxing.

  1. Must say the one in Feltham is HOT as well. I think his name his name is Selcuk (Think I have spelt it right). I usually get his second name wrong when I try and pronounce it. Usually end up by saying something rude Lol Lol Lol. Never mind though. Emma x x Is he married.

  2. Went in there the other day to make an appointment must say Scott is HOT. Call him HOT SCOTT from now on x x x Love Zoe

  3. Walked across Staines Bridge today. The river is right across the path. Doesn’t seem to be going down at all.

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