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  1. Do you walk in your dreams?
    Hi Russ, I’ve been reading the blog since it was set up but this is my first post. Way back in the day, before you were born my uncle had an accident in the services that left him in a chair. Once he got his mobility back he was determined to be just as difficult and cantankerous as before:-) Similar to you he was an active person, so woe betide you if you were a bit slow when he was on a roll. He married one of his nurses, had children and lived life to the maximum he could – of course he had dark days but then again many people do whatever their circumstance. Last year seeing the Paralympics reinforced that physical problems do not stop people from pushing themselves, competing and having fun.

    You have come a long way over just three months and I’m sure will continue to make marvellous progress.
    For paracanoe yes, we do put floats on skinny K1s so don’t sell that Nelo just yet 🙂 and as for taking no prisoners there is even a category for athletes who have no trunk function, or those who have shoulder function only and are likely to have poor sitting balance. From what I’ve read below you won’t get into that category you will be TA – Trunk, Arms: athletes who have some trunk movement but are not able to propel the boat through hip rotation due to significant weakened function of the lower limbs. They’re deadly serious athletes and I’d be at the back of the world’s final. And they only compete over 200m so non of your Yukon mileage to wear them down malarky!

    As for my first line, your comment reminded me about the video for an exoskeleton. Claire Lomas, who was left without the use of her legs after an equestrian accident shattered her T6 vertebra, became the Rewalk’s most famous customer when she used one to complete the London Marathon in 2012. Retails for $62,000 in the United States.

    Here’s the Esko Bionic http://youtu.be/1AsfkprXNwE

    The Parker Indego http://youtu.be/-bYYmZNxaZk

    The future is closer than you think… just don’t dream of flying:-)
    best regards
    Tony Waszkiewicz
    Richmond canoe club

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