Thank you.

Thank you to my 2 carers, both from Romania, who are quite simply fantastic. I’ve long ago learned that that relationship is incredibly important to my wellbeing. Having these 2 professional yet fun girls in my life is indeed a blessing.

Hanna and Krisztina – you da best.



Thanks to Ashley for appearing in my life, to Rob and Mark for what they have recently done for me, and to everyone else that is sincere in my life.

If ive got anything to do with it, you’ll all go to heaven.

I doubt I’ll see you there, as I’ll be far below, but hey you never know ?!

How to easily help the Spinally Cord Injured.

So many of us have had so much help from Back Up… this seems to be a free way of returning it!… copy & pasted…

“Did you know you can raise money for Back Up when you shop at Amazon at no extra cost?

The Amazon Smile website has millions of products which are eligible for a charity donation. Each time a customer shops through Amazon Smile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the net purchase price for eligible products at no additional cost to the customer or to the chosen charity.

So here’s how you can donate to Back Up through Amazon Smile:
1. Go to and log into your Amazon account.
2. Choose Back Up from the charity options.
3. Continue your shopping as usual

It’s a new easy way of showing your support for Back Up and the work that they do for people like me!


Just unnecessary..

Spasms crazy all day again- though I did have the catheter changed by the District Nurse, who was lovely. 

Sadly I’d had to have a word with the practice manager about the rudeness of the doctor’s receptionist. What is it about the British Doctors’ Receptionist? Over the age of 40, I’d say they are a breed apart from normal humans. These days, a complaint to the Quality Care Commission can be disastrous for a surgery – why don’t GP’s tell their staff to be nice to the patients, I wonder? The British public have all experienced The Dragon Receptionist…. and it’s very apparent that they are not used to being called rude. As I am well acquainted since my accident with being ‘ dismissed as an imbecile because I’m in a wheelchair ‘ I think it’s a surprise when i complain in a firm and articulate manner, as I did today.

I’m really not on some sort of crusade to change the customer service world, but be rude to me at your peril, when it’s your job to be civil to me. My girlfriend works for the Quality Care Commission, so I am more acquainted with the standards they require than I was…. which was ever so helpful today…. it’s most certainly in breach of the Code when a chap in a wheelchair is made to feel belittled and insignificant by a frontline staff member ultimately employed by the NHS.

The power of ‘ I wonder what the QCC will make of this ?’ was definitely quite satisfying to see. If the receptionist had back-pedalled any faster, she’d have shot through the window…

The day got far better for seeing my buddy, Charlie P from Hong Pong, who was his usual fun self – we actually went to a fine art fair type thing in a posh bit of london. Needless to say, neither of us were remotely tempted to reach pointlessly for our wallets, as the cupboards would have been far too bare therein. Iconic Fashion house antique jewellery doesn’t come cheap, for sure, and neither of us are in materialistic relationships, and I hope never will be ( again ).

I thank Charlie for his unwavering friendship and support.




Went to see a real superstar in the making last night – Sigrid ( from Sweden ) with my ever so cool girl. How sweet was she?! ( Sigrid i mean – though actually my date too )  21 and a bundle of sunshine, I’d say. Voice totally way bigger than you’d ever expect from a very petite girl.

Gig rating 9/10, and that’s without drinking any alcohol – which again I think is better for me, given the multiple challenges I currently face, and am really trying not to get wrong.

It’s far cheaper when you opt not to drink!

Very glad I don’t smoke – I had zero idea that it’s about 10 quid now for a packet of fags. How do people seriously afford that, unless well off?


A text conversation just now.. ( after I’d sent some video footage of a gig last night)

Her – Hey bit dark but sounds good! Hope all good with you. Off to a course about dementia! Hope to see you soon could come over to chiswick house on Saturday??? Xxx

Me- Yes, sounds lovely! Xxx
Can you remember where the course is, and what time ,….?!

Her- 🤣ha bloody ha!!! See you Saturday xx

Her- OMG course was yesterday!!!

Me – Noo?!

Me – Really?!?

Her- 😬what am I like!!

( seriously… only she could actually do this ! ) 😂

Things are looking up, I’d say.

After a pretty torrid nearly 5 year stretch, I’d say things are looking up, with a brighter future in sight.

Ive tried ever so hard these last 5 years to smile in spite of the demons at work inside my head, but it’s always been a struggle to see the positives shining that brightly, with so many negatives at play.

I went through my phone contact list the other morning and had a bit of a clear out – erasing a fair few therein, which had a surprisingly positive effect on me. No point expending time or phone memory space on ‘ ghosts’, right?

I see moving out of where I live as a massive positive too, whatever happens next, tbh.

Best of all though, I’ve met a really lovely lady. I shouldn’t really get too carried away, I know, but there really is something very special about her!

Think we just saw Jesus singing ?

After the best 3 days ive had since my injury, and after seeing Morrissey in London ( truly incredible – never seen fan adulation like it – ‘ middle class’ adults just throwing themselves at him, both sexes, and being thrown off the stage by 20 stone security guards – to these people Morrissey is far more than a human being… )  the 3 days ended in a downer with a ‘ bus incident ‘.

As the police were called and an arrest was made, i can’t write above it, pre court case ( if that happens ).

Extraordinary what happens to me, and could have done with a few of my rugby mates there last night, to deal with it, as I am rather helpless these days.

Anyway, looking at the positives and keeping my fingers crossed for better things to come.