In the usual way of carers, mine has let me down. He has unilaterally changed the plan ( without discussion ) which leaves me in a fix.

Ive learned that there are very few people that are actually true to their word in life, and am dealt with the consequences of that again and again. It’s a shame, as every single aspect of the relationship was fine, and ( I think ) I can speak for him here too.

Here we go again then. Definitely worse things have happened to me of course, and it’ll soon be history, but it has dented my faith in humanity once again.

So it’s back to uncertainty, where there 3 hours ago existed certainty. As I’ve said a few times – it’s suddenly changing the set plan that buggers me up – and im ALWAYS reliant on other people to stick to their side of the bargain.


Being as proactive as I can, anyway…

4 thoughts on “Blimey

  1. I think it is like everything else now days no one could care a S**T. I was always brought up to be on time, don’t let anyone down and do the job that i was paid to do and do it properly . If any one lets me down now i get quite upset and it takes me days to get over it. If i was sick years ago my Mum wouldn’t phone up the place where i worked unless i was genuinely ill. To her it was as good as pinching money off of someone. Love to you Margaret x x x

  2. Can you find someone in Portugal, even temporarily?

    This is a real shocker – I mean, leaving someone stranded in a country where they have no chance of support from friends/family? That’s just dreadful.

  3. Ah. So sorry to hear Russ. Unbelievable. However my own scouser has been pretty reliable…stayed for over 30 years.

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