I had been invited to a birthday party yesterday. I didn’t go, as I can’t do parties any more ( it’s the height and volume thing – neither of which I cope with, plus a consciousness that people have to stop enjoying themselves to talk to me ..)

So instead I went out for a long push on my Trike.
I’ve had the tyres changed to a ‘ slicker ‘ variety that pump up far harder and blimey, what a difference that has made – it’s probably 60% faster, 50% easier to push ( at that higher speed ) and also I don’t get so easily stuck in places … very useful, that last factor.

Suddenly 7 miles was pretty easy.

Marathon next year, for sure.

6 thoughts on “Better.

  1. If there isn’t a record you could set the first one.
    Richmond Park, i often see people in chairs going round, couple of hills.

  2. I think you should look at taking the record for the South Downs Way. I’ll come and navigate for you, and do the gates.

  3. Marathon and a mountain! Get the op done, get post op tuning up done then build back some strength and stamina. I will work on my hill legs and between us we should summit! 🙂 Easy aye 😉

    All the best……. 🙂

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