I ( currently ) live about a hundred feet up, and have an outside Terrace, with a ‘ living wall’ of plants – well it’s not as though I could mow a lawn, is it?

Somehow the thing seems to have suffered an infestation of snails – the ones that grow to a large size.

At a loss to know what to do with the snails as I pluck them off, I ‘release them’  over the 100 foot high wall.

I don’t know what sort of impact damage a flying snail can do, or whether they can ‘ glide’ like some squirrels in the Amazon, but id suggest that if you are passing underneath my flat, after dark, that you don’t look up/ always wear a bicycle helmet.

4 thoughts on “Below…….

  1. Do you think they’re climbing up 100 feet or is someone dropping them down on you!

    The second option hadn’t actually occurred to me, Tony?
    I’ll be sure to be looking out for that from now on though.

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