Being a responsible citizen.




Further- a message from a school friend-
Hey Russ…as a sufferer of Hashimoto disease myself…have to say that if not medicated correctly…there would be no way that carer could have looked after you…taking thyroxin controls it but if she didn’t medicate it would have put you at risk mate…also as a auto immune disease…it also means she’d need to have blood tests every 3 months to check her TSH levels..wise decision Russ to get rid Russ.
You are negligent here. This woman is in not fit to be in a responsible position.
Do NOT place her with someone else that is vulnerable.
Russ Dawkins

2 thoughts on “Being a responsible citizen.

  1. Russ- I have had thyroid disease since my 20s and run ultramarathons now. It is completely treatable and effectively manages. It isn’t the condition friend it is the Carer.

    1. Absolutely possibly, yes, but her level of ‘ absent mindedness ‘ was extreme.
      No one walks into the same glass window TWICE in ten minutes.
      She is ( i think ) on not enough thyroxine..

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