Back there report

I’m back home already for the weekend!

Quiet one ahead. Phew!

First one and a half days there were fine to be honest. 

Was messaging for 6 hours straight last night, I  had so many people contacting me to check I was happy.

Ah, what it is to recieve love. 

I had various blood tests, a bladder test involving a radioactive tracer, some physio, a bit of ‘standing up’ in the Stand Frame, a change of wheelchair to a slightly more comfy one, and 2 short gym  sessions too. 
Brian didn’t snore either,  and I got to grips  with the shower and bog facilities in this new ward. 

Additionally, the nurses are far better looking, though that can make you more self conscious when you’re bollock naked in a compromised position in front of them.  

If I could come home every 2 days, I reckon I could stick it out there for months. Sadly that’s not an option as far as I know. 

A lot of the ‘younger’ patients have been discharged, so it seems different now. 

Reason: young people tend to break their backs doing sporty stuff in the summer, go to Stoke Mandeville, are re-hab’d and get discharged at Xmas. 
Autumn’s admissions are ‘older’ people who slip and fall in the wet weather, and are there through to March… 
Ok, that’s a generalisation, but statistically significant enough to do so. 

Suppose I’m in the middle somehow there. Crashed in June with the kids, but was so f’d up bone-breakwise  that I wasn’t in a wheelchair til September, and now there with the Old Folks. 
Ah well, it makes me look suddenly younger in the population there. 

Guess I’ve become ‘wheelchair candy’ all of a sudden.. 

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