Awwwhhh, what can I say? !

Another fantastic day.
Remarkable progress from yesterday. Much faster, great turns, no falls.
I’ve been teaching skiing for years, I haven’t seen anyone improve so quickly. Yesterday you were moving at the same speed or slower than the average skier. Today you overtook nearly everyone and it was as much as I could do to keep up or get ahead to video you.
At this rate there is no doubt you’ll be skiing independently. Once you regain the strength and control in your right side, you’ll be lifting yourself onto the chairlifts and setting the pace, as you used too!
So proud of you Russ, it really is a humbling experience to see how quickly you are adapting to your new circumstances. The instructor team today were so impressed, you could see they were having as much fun as you and I.
Well done bro, this whole trip couldn’t have gone any better.

1 thought on “Awwwhhh, what can I say? !

  1. Russ,
    The tears fell from my face yesterday to see you reaching this great milestone in your life (which btw none of us ever doubted you would!! ) Well today I feel like shouting from the rooftops after watching the clip! Good thing we have scaffolding up I spose! Well done Russ, you look so so happy in your photos, and how wonderful to have faced this challenge and far surpassed your own expectations for a change!!! Look forward to seeing you soon xx All our love
    We are so proud of you x

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