Thanks to Russ S for the invite to The Twickenham Jam last night- bloody brilliant – definitely going again!

Great atmosphere, lots of talent, everyone happy.

Ach got served legally at the bar for his first time ( proudly witnessed by temporary Dad ), he got asked by a pissed woman if he was my son, who then said ( after he said non ) that he must be, and we should go on Jeremy Kyle…

Righto then.

Shortly after that, she  told me I was very good looking and asked if I was single, by any Chance, ‘ cos she would..’

I made my excuses and left shortly after, with Birthday Boy riding a bicycle slightly pissed ( not my kid, so don’t blame me! – it was his 18th after all – fast backwards 33 years and I was puking face down on a pavement in Newport, wearing a toga )

Beng sensible is all relative, innit?

Really appreciate Toby and Russ and the woman off Jeremy Kyle talent spotting for making Achille’s night, and for Wendy for making his cake!

Tonight we are at Somerset House outside watching Being John Malkovich. Seen it ages ago and it was brilliant ( though I’ve no recollection at all of the storyline ).

I swear my memory now is far better than it was 20 years ago!?

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