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Today I tried another self balancing wheelchair – the Segfree – it’s half Segway and half seat. It’s higher up than a wheelchair and about the same size as one, but balances on 2 wheels and goes along at 12.5 mph, so quite nifty, with a range of 16-24 miles, and is easy to charge ( without breaking the cable !)

it comes in an off road version too, which is the bollocks, I have to say. If I stick a 2 foot cushion on it I can be 6 feet tall – simples!



January 13th 2018

Thanks to Toby and Cress for organising last night’s gig – a Bowie tribute. I went in the charged iBot but it always seems to ‘ misbehave ‘ now, and often takes 10 or more complex attempts to turn it on, and get it to rise up. That obliges me to not turn it off when I’m out, to save the battery, but of course at the same time it being always on does drain the battery….

My days are complicated by the never ending complexity of my bowel / Stoma care – I STILL appear to eat like a mouse yet shit like an elephant. What’s that all about?

The iBot charger help is pouring in, and I hope the clever guys and lady helping is going to end result in success, obviously! But we’ll see.

I see one of my daughters from time to time, which is of course so good for me. I’m sleeping now in the non hospital bed, having had it raised up, which seems to have resulted in a fair bit more sleep. I get less spasms now, but they do strike without particular cause, for example last night at the gig, when they were unpleasantly unrelenting for 3 hours. I am better at ( trying to ) ignore them though.

I have a different Carer starting soon, one who is handy with a spanner and is technically adept – that to me is a paramount requirement, I’ve realised, as breakages are disastrous and emotionally unhinging too.

Finally, I’ve decided to draw a line under ‘ ex friends ‘ who don’t seem able to cope with Russ in a wheelchair, so exclude him from stuff. As I have actually much closer and better friends now than before my accident,  overall I’m better off, aren’t I ? I could detail some quite awful treatment I’ve had, but instead will ‘ let it and those people go ‘. I imagine that they know who they are, but don’t read this diary anyway.

Russ 🙂

Just ask a professional….?

So the electrical guy that said my charger wasn’t fixable was totally outclassed by the bloke who works in finance, who mends cars as a hobby.

Toby took apart the plug, straightened the 2 bent pins and plugged it into my ibot, which then started charging…. !

There is a light in this tunnel, very much so. The plug isn’t mended, as it needs work and repair, but  oh my God, am I grateful to Toby. Now I think it’s DEFINITELY going to be ok, rather than just being optimistic.

On Tuesday I’ll go to an engineer and ask him to do what needs doing next.

I feel so chuffed !

Everybody happy and gay?

Sooooo much interest in what the Fetish Party was like… it’s obvious that every Male I know would like to go. What’s equally obvious is how their wives wouldn’t want to go. Or not with their husbands anyway… but maybe with a girl friend.

It’s easy guys – just go with your mate and pretend to be a gay couple. Doesn’t mean you ARE gay..


Your wives can go with a girl friend and you can all meet up!

See you all at the next one ( Feb 9th ) x