August 6th.

For about the last 9 days, I’ve had a break from almost continuous spasms. They seemed to stop after I’d taken different antibiotics ( from my usual ones ) for the UTI I had at the time. When the spasming stopped I also began to sleep properly – for the first time in many months. Coincident with this was an awareness that I was just not ‘down’ all of the time, either. Things didn’t seem to be bothering me too much, I seemed just to be more content (which was both mystifying and a surprise).

Today, almost out of the blue, I started to feel down again, I became aware that I was missing doing normal things, and just couldn’t listen to people talking about doing things that involved being able to walk ( most things then, really ).

An hour or so later I realised from the cloudiness and sediment in my urine that I had what appears to be another UTI.

It would seem to be a logical conclusion that my depression is most certainly influenced, or even brought about, by the level of internal infection/ infestation that I have at any one time.
I’ve resumed taking the same antibiotic as last time, and will see what happens to my infection and mindset.

2 thoughts on “August 6th.

  1. Hi there couldn’t you have a permanent catheter fitted. There s a flip flop one which you just empty into the toilet. It is like having a wee really. They are quite discreet as well. I am sure that is why you are getting so many infections because you are having to insert the catheter quite often. just a thought anyway. M x x x

  2. Hi Russ, I hope this connection with infections is a real breakthrough. And so pleased you’ve had some decent sleep too. More good news soon hopefully. A x.

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