Au Revoir Toulon

Its 1st August, the sun is shining and all arrangements are in place to transfer Russ home 🙂

The travel insurance medical assist team have been great and have confirmed the timetable as follows:

Lear jet with medics and equipment will land at Toulon airport at 11.45am. There will be a road ambulance waiting air side which will transport the medics to St. Anne’s Hospital with an ETA of 12.15pm.

Myself and Russ will then meet with the medics, Dr Jonathan Warwick (the Company’s Chief Medical Director apparently) and ITU nurse Tina Kauhanen.

They will then leave with Russ at 1pm, straight back to Toulon airport and transfer him directly from the road ambulance to the plane. The plane will then take off at 1415 and land at RAF Northolt at 1515 (UK time). There will be a road ambulance waiting at Northolt which will then transfer Russ, with the medics, to London Bridge Hospital with an ETA of 1615.

There is not room on the plane for me so I’m following on a commercial flight from Marseilles, due to land at LHR at about 1800. The insurers have arranged for a taxi to pick me up and take me straight to London Bridge Hospital (sweeping Lily and Amber up en route) so that we should arrive about 1930 by which time Russ will hopefully be fully settled in.

So, that’s our plans for the day. What’s everyone else up to, eh…..?!!

Oh yes, by the way, we managed to sort Russ’s mad hair too. Christophe, one of our favourite nurses, bought his clippers in and hey presto…..(see photo below).

Love from Toulon xxxx

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