As more people get it, it becomes people we know and love.

My Aunty sent this message yesterday.

Yes Russ been very poorly.  Doctor been ringing me every day, haven’t  been able to breath  couldnt get any oxygen  into my lungs, never been so frightened. Nothing any one can do other then take you to hospital  and put you on a vent. I really didn’t  want that if I could help it. My GP has given me a reassured talking to every day. which made me feel a little better. .Yesterday and today I can breathe much better thank god,still very little voice,been sat in the garden in the sun for 2hrs today, in the nice fresh mountain air Russ, so on the mend now .What about you Russ, you keep more than safe, you don’t need this.Thinking about you ,your mum rang yesterday , she was shocked. I think i know how I got the virus, probably  because  I‘ m an NHS worker.  I will have a test next week to see that I am clear hopefully  xxxxx

Pia’s lovely mum too has had it, and is recovering, thankfully too.

Stay at home folks.

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