Arrived in London

So after 3 days of full on hand biking I find myself back at Richmond Canoe Club to meet the incoming paddlers and their/our friends and families.

We had a picnic on the grass and did a bit of self congratulation.

To say that all of us were tested out of our comfort zones would be fair, but we all learnt a bit about our own characters this weekend. Me? That actually the old me is alive and well, I still won’t be beaten by this calamitous accident , that I still love being part of the same circles of friends, seeing different sides to my mates, seeing that they are overall probably more impressed by my new efforts than they were by my old ones, my challenges now being far greater.

I liked them all before, but I love them all now.

I can’t single out people for extra praise, so I won’t try, but I’m so proud to know them all, their wives, and their kids, who without exception are just incredible.

How on earth did I ever end up knowing so many exceptional people?

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