Another step forward.

Last night I felt very tired by 11.45.

I’ve taken ( or been given ) a sleeping tablet every night for 5 weeks, or I won’t sleep.

Last night, I just turned out the light and I don’t recall anything after that until 6.45 am.

Sleep, and without a Zoplidem – that’s progress.

Mind you, I do use my arm exerciser a hell of a lot, which does fatigue me.
It’s how my body seemed to be conditioned, pre injury. If I found myself awake at night ( which was rarely ) I’d try to go back to sleep, but never seemed able to. I’d then ask myself why, and every time my insomnia happened to coincide with a day that I’d not exercised hard. I’d shut my eyes, clear my mind of all thoughts, and try to relax into a trance like state. But it never worked…

After several episodes of this, over the years, I thought I’d try a different tactic. I got up, went outside, got on my kayak machine in the garden, trained really hard for 20 mins, went back to bed.. and would fall asleep instantly.

So the exercise induced adrenaline didn’t further wake me up, rather the mental/ physical achievement of doing some hard exercise made me go to sleep straight away.

I know it sounds a bit contrary, but why don’t you try 3 am exercise as a cure for insomnia …

2 thoughts on “Another step forward.

  1. A few years ago my then boss was ranting on at a group of us in the office.

    He said “am I the only person that wakes up at 3 in the morning worried about work”.

    I replied “I wake up at 3 in the afternoon with the same worries”.

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