Another message.

Bon Voyage lovely Boy! What an adventure you have ahead! No doubt they’ll be some tough moments and lots more ‘firsts’ but how much experience you’ll gain in such a short time. Not to mention all the love that will flow round you from that wonderful and supportive extended family  of yours. And I know to be spending 10 solid days with Dani, Lily and Amber will be the best Christmas gift ever! We’ll be thinking of you every day while you’re away and so look forward to seeing you in the New Year to hear all the stories……I’m sure the blog would go into overdrive if you tried to relay them all there! Go safely and enjoy! Don’t push yourself and just know that you have been utterly AMAZING thus far, more than anyone would think was possible, so don’t think you have to prove anything. Just enjoy. Love you loads and see you in 2014! CWxxxx

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