Hey Russ,

Just did a catch up on your blog..

Dont really know what to say mate, although I am glad you managed to escape Portugal and the A&E Unit,

I have to agree with your counselor and your friend Lisa – You are going to have to realise your value one day – what you bring to this world and the people around you, its huge.
Listen, we never spent a whole bunch of time together before your accident but at fellow athletes and sportsmen we have a kind of mutual respect – you inspire me Russ – as you do to so many others around you, you need to know this,

Lisa talks about the awareness that you have highlighted for a whole number of things – this makes a difference in other people lives, it really does. You are doing this.

Anyway, I am not trying to change your feelings or your thoughts or the internal war that rages on inside you, you need to win that one yourself, inside your own mind, but all I can say is that you have a wife and daughters who should be the one thing that drives you to keep fighting, they need you more than you know..

You have so much to offer this world and the people around you, I am not in your situation so cannot offer any words of wisdom or advice, this is your battle mate, you have to win it yourself,

Just keep fighting Russ, keep fighting – dont give up, you are stronger than that.

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