Oh, as well as dabbling in online heterosexual  dating, it would seem that I have other options…

Whilst minding my own business down at the river yesterday, a very friendly gent approached me and said Hi.

Thinking i must know him, I responded cheerfully and politely.

When he asked my name I realised that I didn’t know him… we had a chat and he told me that I had the same name as his Ex.

Well I never, I said… and there was more passing of the time, where he mentioned that he’d just been sunbathing in his underpants.

Saying that I really ought go, he said how nice it had been talking to me, and ‘ you’re a very good looking man, Russ’

I thanked him politely , and said that he wasn’t too bad himself… before doing a wheelspin in my motorised chair and riding off at high speed.

I fear that that may have really done it for him…

11 thoughts on “And…

    1. I don’t have em anymore ?!
      They seem to disappear with my Ex….

      Presumably to be returned to the rightful arse? 🙂

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