And then Linda’s reply to them.


Re: Poor driver behaviour – Route 237 CRM001:0005000002236

Dear Chico ,

Thank you so much for your response. We were on the bus between 12.55pm and 1.40pm. We actually missed a house viewing appointment due to the delay and had to wait around at White City until the agent could accommodate us again at 3pm. This led to delays for the entire day.

Perhaps something the bus drivers need to be made aware of is how long it takes wheelchair users to get around. It took 2 people 2 hours to get ready for that trip and house viewing. There is no such thing as just grabbing a coat as you walk out the door. To be met with rude and unhelpful bus drivers can make the difference to a paralysed person of even going out or not. Which sometimes seems to be the aim of the bus driver in question, that they would all prefer it if we just stayed home.

Your attention to my observations is most sincerely appreciated Chico, as able bodied people it our duty to do what we can for those less fortunate.

Kindest regards,

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