And thanks..

Big gratitude to all of Monday’s visitors. 

My brother,  Stu, continues to make the 6 hour round trip to see me, and check his more handsome sibling is ok. This time however he was fed, as was I, Glen, Sam and Kev, by the wonderful home cooking of the one and only Sally Saffadi. 3 courses in a picnic hamper no less, served with matching plates too!
Plus red wine ( oops, that’s officially an offence here ) but we got away with it. 
Thank you Sally. Made our night, that. 
Had a laugh with the fellas too,great bunch that they are. 
Earlier, I’d been treated to lunch by Sis in law, Melissa ( founder of this blog ) and her husband, James,  plus Dani’s mum, Jenni. 
Then Toby and Cress came too, bearing yet more treats. It’s only my healthy choice eating that’ll keep me lean; if I tucked into everything that my mates bring, I’d be a right lardy git in no time. 
But what a day….
The long arm of love reaches to me every day, and squeezes my hand.  🙂

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